42 years of experience In Information Technology

A long past lived in a sustainable future


Contraddistinta dalla tracciabilità del proprio operato, la gamma dei Servizi Tecnici Professionali offerti da I.A.N.include i seguenti Servizi:

ICT Infrastructure

create and build data center on premis and on as a service



Managed Service Provider for back/up, recovery service and storage for big customers, providers


Innovation services

“Experience is the only teacher we can trust”
Leonardo da Vinci


Who has never grabbed a dandelion seed to make a wish and let it fly away … taking our hopes and dreams with it?
We all did it at least once!
Also called “dandelion”, this flower is a true condensation of legends and meanings!

First of all our value:




Alberto Neri founds I.A.N. Srl

In April 1979, the engineer Alberto Neri founded I.A.N. Srl, a company aimed at the Italian but also international market.

His pioneristic approach projected it towards a future of continuous research and innovation


Network server, backup and archiving

 I.A.N. launches in mass storage systems, first company in the world, with a proprietary filesystem capable to integrate differents communication protocols for store and archive datas.

Designs, patents and manufactures the Network Jukebox Controller system and all collaterals products belonging to a portfolio called Waves.


Tuned with the evolution of the market, the end of life of magnetic disks,I.A.N. set its first digital trasformation,

recapitalizing own skills and technical competences in order to start
its requalification as a System Integrator expanding the range of services offered, trough back/up and recovery services.


Top Excellence Company Recognition

Able to establish trusted relationships with its customers, I.A.N.  receives “Top of Excellence Company “awards for best efficiency ratio revenue/employe. Very Careful to stand up with IT evolution, I.A.N. investedin  continuous training of its technical staff, and over the years has strengthened the business partnership with the major IT vendors.

I.A.N. pays attention to the quality of its business processes as evidenced by the important certifications acquired.From ethical code  confirmis a score of 2+ out of 3 in the legality rating.


Due to its xenophile accent, I.A.N. becomes an official exporter for large players in the digital market place such as Amazon, with wholesale supplies of consumer products and microelectronics,

such as TVs, consoles, headsets of different brands, processors, and accessories, keeping always all technical competences and always improving its foreign market not only trough system integration targetted to entreprise company


40 years of I.A.N.

“Any dream we want to realize is possible only thanks to the customers who believe in it with us.”



1 Experience, financial strength and quality of services powered by I.A.N.
a business partner fighting for absolute excellence able to stand at worldwide level and able to meet the expectations of all its stakeholders from employees to customers and suppliers. New software releases of tailored made solutions powered by artificial intelligence, which makes unique value, the information released to the customer.



Automating tiring and repetitive activities to leave more space for human creativity: this is one of the concrete consequences of implementing AI.

If Leonardo da Vinci had lived today, would he have accelerated the processes of Digital Transformation?

Since Leonardo’s notebooks were not made available for a long time after his death, it was claimed that the progress of humanity lost two or three centuries in different fields of knowledge, many of his inventions having been repeated independently after this period

The progress of two and a half centuries starting from the early sixteenth century corresponds, starting today, to that of two and a half decades, since progress is exponential.

So the technological singularity, when machines reach a level of intelligence higher than that of humans, will happen in 2045, in two and a half decades. This means that if Leonardo lived today, he would build an intelligence superior to that of humans, leading us directly to the technological singularity.


I.A.N. supports the customer in the design and implementation of data platforms that make it possible to enhance the corporate information assets. I.A.N. deals with the issue of personal data protection from a GDPR perspective, the general regulation of May 2018, making use of qualified legal consultants to give a more complete response to the customer and integrated into its eco digital system. 

For us, Data protection is no longer just back-up and recovery services of application services and their corporate data, but in a broader sense, with regard to raising awareness of the content by integrating Threat intelligence services to monitor threats from organized crime, by scammers and black hats, with the aim of stealing customer information to sell it.


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